If you want to become the owner of the horse riding, the perfect option for you would be the representative of galshtinskoy, Hanover and Trakehner.If you need a horse exclusively for agriculture-related work, do not overpay and buy a pedigree animal.It is better to give preference to offspring, the resulting participation of Soviet heavy-duty, the Russian and Belarusian rock.
With the implementation of various works in agriculture and private households will be better able to cope calm and more reliable gelding (castrated horse), but not the freedom-loving and unwieldy stallion.Mares are usually very picky in the maintenance and care.They need to be very careful.However, horses have a female and a huge advantage in the form of periodic reproduction born foals.
preference when buying a horse is better to give the young, not yet spoiled by improper upbringing animal.Besides 6-7 mesyanye foals are usually much healthier and cheaper than adults trained individuals.The best time to buy a foal - autumn.Young born in the early spring is usually somewhat better developed than were born in the summer and autumn of foals.
Explore the horse before buying.Start with your head most liked individual.It must be proportional to the body with elastic set ears, wide-open eyes, large nostrils, his lips tightly closed.
next stage - examination of the horse's neck.Generally, this part of the body and plays a role of a kind of rocker arm adjusting the center of gravity of the animal.The ratio of the length and the head of a horse to be 1: 1.For upland birds, it may be equal to and 1.5: 1.Pay attention to the junction of the neck to the head.If this part of the long and mobile, animals will be easy to manage.Withers - the place of the neck to the body should be long and muscular.The strength of the horse and its movement speed depend largely on the back and waist.These parts of the body should be short, broad and neprovislymi.
operability of the animal determines the chest.Prefer horse with a broad and deep chest.Pay attention to the stomach.If it's big and rangy animal weak.
important criterion when buying a horse and her legs are.On the depreciation of their shows excellent shoulder oblique (at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizon).Healthy hooves are easily recognized by their inherent brilliance, cracks, and odors.
Before you buy a horse, be sure about it and drove it.This allows you to detect lameness, weakness of joints and other defects affecting the health and performance of the animal.