How to create the conditions for laying hens

is advisable to slot hen was in the far dark place henhouse or otherwise designated vysidki place where it will not interfere with otherpoultry.For equipment jacks can be used plywood board measuring about 70 * 70 cm. After the nest is ready, it should be placed as far as possible from the feeders and perches.If you intend to not planting a chicken, it is best to isolate each slot from the other chickens, special mesh partition.Feed and care for these chickens should also be separate from the others.
How and in what quantity to place the eggs under the hen

Before you sit down to a laying hen, it is necessary to place 15-20 eggs, the number of the latter will depend on the size of the chicken.Be sure to make sure that the eggs were warm and fresh.Laying eggs directly from the refrigerator should not be in any case!Periodically, you need to check that the eggs were warm and intact.If found crushed eggs, they should be replaced, but only in the first few days.Planting process takes 21 days, and the eggs must be at least 37,8oS.To evenly warms the egg, chicken periodically flips its paws.No hen eggs can remain for 2-3 hours, and at the end of incubation even 24 hours.
What you need to know when chickens hatching eggs

The best time to plant a hen on a clutch - evening period, but rather after the evening was over feeding.It is a bird sit on the eggs and cover her basket.At first, the hen produced once a day feeding, and her diet should contain whole grains and fresh water.Four days later, you can already remove the basket, eggs, she will not leave.During planting fast enough chicken eats and craps, as it does not leave the eggs for a long time.
If the hen is the first planting, it is necessary to observe that it does not peck the chicks.Chicken eggs can damage or even kill the chicks.If necessary, you need to pull the chicken out of the shell, it should be done very carefully, it is possible to damage the cord.Then you need to include in the chicken house, in a warm place, give it to dry, to get stronger and to try to feed.
Sometimes it happens that the chicken egg pushes aside, it says that there is no embryo or chicken froze, so the egg must be immediately removed.