cage for dogs: necessity or luxury

If you do not want to purchase a cage for your dog because you are afraid to hurt her psyche or just think it's too cruel - you are deeply mistaken!Nobody did not protest, for example against stitched or braided dog houses in the apartment, as well as the wooden booths in the private sector.Simply put, the material of manufacture of the essence of something does not change.The cage for the dog - her home, shelter and personal space.Especially in unfamiliar or strange place.

As an example, the exhibition of dogs.Note that the behavior of the animals there: someone is short tail and tries to hide behind the foot host others - show the evil grin and try to figure out the relationship with the neighbors.As a result - fatigue and extreme irritation in the ring, respectively, are not always an adequate assessment experts.While the animals were sitting quietly in the cells, appear before judges fresh, relaxed and refreshed.This is explained by the fact that in spite of the crowd of people and dogs, they were isolated, that is reserved.In this case, the cells need for dogs is obvious.

on a journey with a dog - no cells do not

Equally helpful would be the cell and for the transport of dogs.Cars, trains, waiting rooms and endless transplant ... All this leads to a lot of stress.Probably, you do not just noticed that when your dog is in a state of panic or fear, it is subconsciously trying to get into any shelter.That's why transportation (cell) makes it possible to easily transfer the dog excitement.

cage at home

As for the house or apartment, then there will not prevent a dog cage.For example, if you plan to do cleaning, or waiting for the guests, especially with a small child.Remember that no matter how educated or had your dog, not everything depends on it - the kid is not always possible to explain how to handle the animals not to pull the ears, do not poke a finger in the eye, and so on. D. Accordingly, this cell will be a realsalvation for the animal in such a situation.

Parenting little puppy

Or, for example, the puppy - is worth it to teach cleanliness.Is not it?If you have special cells, leaving the house, you can close it in your pet for a couple of hours, and when you return - immediately take him for a walk.But note here that the dog should not be carried out in a cage too long, otherwise it can significantly worsen health.In order to fully develop the animal, it requires good nutrition, exercise, games, and, of course, communication with the host.

In light of the above, we can confidently say that the cage for the dog is not a luxury and certainly not cruelty on the part of the owner, but a real necessity.