From what terms is the aquarium?

  • himself Aquarium

  • stand or cabinet

  • cover

  • equipment

  • Scenery

  • population

how to choose the lamp for the home aquarium

glass of the aquarium.It is available in different shapes and sizes.It is made of silica (the window) or acrylic glass (plexiglass).Silicate glass is very hard, but brittle, acrylic scratches easily, but it is difficult to break.Direct tanks are usually made of silica glass, aquariums with arc and spherical elements - made of acrylic.Its value depends on the thickness of the glass, which, in turn, depends on the height of the aquarium.

how to make the automatic control of lighting aquarium

main trouble when choosing aquariums.For silicate glass bonding is poor quality or insufficient thickness, illiterate design and construction of the aquarium.For acrylic dangerous as "silver" - the occurrence of microcracks in the thick glass.It is not evident immediately, but after months and years.Exit - buying tanks from reputable manufacturers, which are respectively more expensive.You can, of course, choose a fish tank and cheaper, but a guarantee of its long-term operation nobody will give you.

stand or dresser.It is the support of the aquarium, often contains within equipment and decorates the interior.It should be durable, waterproof and roomy.But because of the saving of resources are often the same type of stone, the beauty is sacrificed functionality.

cover.It combines the cover glass with a lamp and the top panel.It includes appliances and sockets, saving on the cover as it is impossible.

equipment.It is necessary to buy high-quality imported equipment, in Russia for a long time it did not produce.It is better to trust the advice of a consultant.Its value depends not only on the functional characteristics, but also by brand.Do overpay for the brand - you decide.

scenery.They can be bought in the poultry market, pet store, do it yourself.

population.Fish is better to buy from a pet store, becausethere will give advice on their contents.Be sure to pass the quarantine, the presence of documents, etc.This, of course, increases the cost, but these measures are fully justified, otherwise it may cause a lot of trouble with the health of the population of the aquarium in the future.