Modern Dog Accessories

language - the only body in dogs, which helps to cope with the increased body temperature.Therefore, the animal breathes and opens the mouth.To help in this situation may be a new tool - the cooling pad.Outwardly, it resembles a regular litter.Depending on the size of the dog can be purchased mat size.Inside it there are special polymer beads made according to modern technologies.

How to use the mat to mat

"joined" to the destination, it should be dipped in cold water.The granules begin to absorb liquid and swell.Pad during this process increases in size so long as the inside is filled with water.All the preparatory stage will take about an hour.You can own eyes to see how increases in the amount of the granular layer.That it will stay cold.The effect is maintained for 1-3 days.The duration depends on the quality of the product, the ambient temperature, the thickness of the interlayer.If litter dip in hot water, the pad will operate in reverse and pet warm in winter.

Caring for a device very easily.Litter no problem to clean water.Before you take it to the back burner, it should be thoroughly dried several days.With this cooling pad is very comfortable to travel in the summer months in the car or on the train with his beloved pet.Add the stock can be cool during the trip, the mat should be wetted with water from the tap or from the bottle.The cooling mat can take with you on the nature, lay in a box and not worry about the dog's health.

Gel litter

sale is a wide range of accessories for these dogs.There are both expensive options, and more economical.The analog of the mat with a granular layer is a gel mat, which is cooled in the refrigerator and can provide a cool animal 6 hours.Do not place the pad in the freezer.Disadvantages of this model: small size, short duration, unhygienic.

produced another kind of bedding for dogs.Inside is a special gel.In contact with warm (body pet), he begins to cool.The difference in temperature is about 6-7 degrees.

How to choose a good mat

When buying a rug to draw attention to the coating.Preference is given to nylon or other natural materials.They are strong, durable, easy to wash.The cost of devices will depend on the size, color, internal filler material for plating.