history of cat toys has millennium.The simplest toys to entertain cats, which can be done by hand, a piece of paper rustling in a long string or tape.However, with the development of technology and production it appeared quite a large number of original toys that can help cheer pet and keep intact their environment: furniture, wallpaper, drapes and curtains.


best-known "useful" toys are considered to scratching posts.Very often, they look like complexes of platforms on several floors with a surface made of felt or other suitable material for sharpening claws.Thanks to kogtetochek in the house, the cat or the cat will not spoil the surface of the furniture and fabrics, as well as be able to satisfy their passion to conquer the heights, without getting in the closets and mezzanine.Very often, scratching with a large surface for the rest becomes a favorite place to sleep pet.

Soft toys

instinct cats can satisfy small soft toys in the form of mice, squirrels and other small rodents.As a rule, such entertainments have a bell or internal mechanism which makes an squeak, and the cat "follow" the sound.The filler such toys is often a catnip smell which reduces the aggressiveness of the animals, making them more affectionate and playful.Toys and pillows with catnip owners often take with them when transporting cats, especially over long distances.


Educational toys for cats generally consist of puzzles after the decision that the animal receives a reward - a delicacy.Such fun to help the cat to spend time without a host, develop cerebral hemispheres of the animal, helping to improve logical thinking pet.

Interactive toys

Modern interactive toys for cats are created with the latest technology.The most popular of these are games animal with a laser beam or other color effects.These toys not only entertain the cat and its owners, but from the point of view of animal psychology, they can harm the animal.The fact is that playing with stuff that is actually existing objects (such as soft toys), pet thirst instinct, as it sees the real result of their "hunting".Hunting for a laser beam does not allow the cat to get satisfaction from the outcome of entertainment, as the animals simply do not understand the nature of abstract games.