Decide for what purpose you will use the portability even before go to the store to choose it.For example, if you need to carry the cat to fly somewhere by plane with his darling, choose among the variety of these goods is sufficient light and compact model.In order to be able to take the carrying of the animal into the cabin aircraft as carry-on luggage, its length, width and height must not exceed certain values, which together usually does not exceed 115 cm. If the carrier for cats is intended for youcould take your pet into a joint journey by car, it is better to buy a more spacious model in which it will be convenient.If you are planning a long trip, for example, by rail, choose the carrier, which in addition to cats and even fit the tray and bowl with water.
Pay close attention to the design of a cat's carrying.First of all, give your preference to models that have strong neprominayuscheesya bottom - the animal will feel much more confident if under his feet a kind of "hard floor".Also carefully consider all the locks, and especially the site of attachment to the body carrying handles - it is the weaknesses of many models.You do not want to carry your darling looked up from the pens and struck the ground, scaring to death your pitomitsy?Better perestrahuytes and choose a more expensive and reliable model, and then transport the cat will not be accompanied by excessive stress to the animal.
For this reason, choose a more robust model, made of durable plastic that will reliably protect the pet.Generally, rigid plastic containers for the transport of cats rather than wicker baskets and cloth bags, especially carrying.It is important that the walls have inspection openings and at the same time were strong that the animal felt safe and had the opportunity to see what is happening around him.
Keep in mind that you bought handling can simply not be to the liking of your animal.Despite the fact that modern high-quality accessories for cats are made primarily of non-toxic and virtually odorless varieties plastic cat can categorically refuse placed inside carry.In this case, you should help her wash thoroughly and placed on the bottom carrying the usual pitomitsy for your rug.