for guinea pigs should be chosen sufficiently large cage so she can easily move it, play or just relax.Optimal dimensions in this case - 60x40 cm, with a height of not less than 25 cm. If one cell will contain two guinea pigs that, respectively, and its dimensions must be increased twice.It should be borne in mind that inappropriate cell can cause a guinea pig overweight due to lack of movement and stress.

With regard to the manufacture of the material, it is best to give preference to metal or plastic cells, but the wood - not the best option.Guinea pigs love to chew on wood, that is, it is not difficult to gnaw themselves a loophole and escape.In addition, it is not necessary to purchase a guinea pig for the multi-storey cell.These rodents have very weak spine, so they should be avoided different surfaces, which need to rise.Sex cells should be as durable and easy to clean.But the so-called mesh floor for guinea pigs categorically is not suitable as a rodent can seriously injure your foot.

Mice and rats

Cages for mice and rats must have the following dimensions: 30x50 cm for rats and half the mice.It is best to give preference combined cell (metal grille and plastic tray).This is easy enough to clean the cage, and most importantly, it will allow the rodent to demonstrate their abilities to mountaineering and additionally exercise.Rat or mouse, in contrast to the guinea pig, perfect two- or three-story cell.These animals need regular exercise to maintain a healthy body.That is why it is desirable to equip them with cells of various ladders, houses, wheels, etc.

Some fans rats and mice keep them in glass aquariums, but experts do not recommend this option - inside a glass aquarium is no qualitative ventilation.


hamster cells suitable plastic or metal grids.The latter, incidentally, is the best choice, as it allows the animal to freely climb on the grid.But whatever the hamster cage, it must have the following dimensions: 45x45 cm, height 15 cm. Like a mouse or rat, spinning like hamsters in a wheel, running down the stairs, etc., which is why these tools require mandatoryplace in a cell, or an animal begins to suffer due to a lack of physical activity, which ultimately can lead to various diseases or even death of a pet.


To gerbil feel comfortable, they need a lot of space, that is, the size of the cells should be approximately 50x70 cm (but not less).Not recommended to keep the animals in the wooden or glass cells as they progryzut them instantly.But the cell of a metal lattice with high pallet, again, from the metal - the most reliable and suitable option.Excellent will feel gerbils and glass or combined multistory cells where, for example, a ground floor is made of glass, and the second - a metal grid or mesh.