Fillers: as they are

7 years of cat disease and can not teach to the toilet

Once kotovladeltsy could choose between sand and newspapers.Today, the possibility of much wider - manufacturers offer dozens of items.Choosing one or the other option, consider the nature of your cat, especially her hair, age and more.An important factor - the price and efficiency of one or another filler.

accustom the cat to the tray

easiest and cheapest filler - wood pellets chipboard.Typically, they are produced from softwood wastes.But there are other embodiments of organic pellets - for example, made of wheat straw.Organic fillers are safe for animals, they are suitable pets with allergies and small kittens.There are drawbacks - wood pellets quickly soak, stick to the cat paws and spread throughout the apartment.

large group of absorbent filler is made on the basis of various minerals.The most effective - filler attapulgite.It is more expensive than others absorbent options and found for sale infrequently.Alternative to expensive sorbent - more affordable "filling" of limestone, meerschaum and other similar materials.They poured into the tray and completely change in a few days.Some cats prefer this type of filler.By cons include uneconomic.In addition, after using the toilet cat on the floor can remain chalk traces.

cat toilet house

very popular - lumps of filler based on bentonite.Moisture getting into small particles of clay, forming lumps that need to be clean, without changing the contents of the pan completely.At bentonite fillers there are drawbacks.Adhering to the wool particles cat can lick and a process of "clumping" happen in her stomach.Therefore, this type of filler will not work long-haired cats and kittens under the age of one year of age.Lumps of filler difficult to recycle - they in any case can not be disposed of down the drain.

How to choose a filler for the toilet

most recent market offers fillers - silica.This dried gel of polysilicic acid composition similar to ordinary sand.Outwardly it resembles pieces of silica glass - transparent and colorless.Occasionally included are colored granules.This type of filler perfectly absorbs moisture, and in the process transparent beads are yellow.Silica gel is necessary daily to mix, improving its absorption properties.However, some cats are afraid of rustling, which publishes the gel granules.

Tricks cat tray

choosing filler, do not buy large packages.Take a little of a particular type sold by weight.If the cat will approve the new product, and you will appreciate the hygienic quality of the product, you can buy a big package.

consider not only the type of filler, but its brand.For example, silica gel can be smaller or larger, acute-angled or rounded.Note that the quality of excipients budget often depends on the party - is most often refers to wood pellets.

important not only as a filler, but the type of tray.If your cat selflessness burying waste, buy a tray with high, curved inward flanges.Before toilet can lay a rubber mat - it will remain filler particles adhered to the legs.