to sew warm clothing for your pet, do not have to buy new fabric.It will fit jacket old from Bologna, polyester, nylon calendered and any other sufficiently light waterproof fabric.As the insulation padding polyester sheet approach, but it is better to take the fleece.For moving the fabric backing is needed, the best synthetic.To work, you will need another band, broad band, tape measure, paper, ruler, pencil and sewing supplies.

easiest to sew a triangular poponku.To construct a pattern, remove the 2 measurements.Measure the length of the dog's body from the withers to the tail, and the distance between the hocks, paving the measuring tape on the front foot and the base of the neck to the second hock.

Draw a straight line.Note the distance between her hocks.This segment is bisected by mid swipe perpendicular.Put it in the dog's body length.This point is connected by straight lines to the ends of the first segment.

on the patterns cut from all types of fabric preform.By the way, some synthetic fabrics more convenient not to cut with scissors, and something hot, like a soldering iron or a device for burning.This method is suitable for calendered nylon and some knitwear.Lay the lining on a flat surface, face down, on it lay a layer of insulation, and on top - a layer of waterproof fabric, but face up.Baste all the layers.

wide braid or ribbon fold in half facing outward, align the edges.Then iron the fold.Insert the edge poponku between layers of tape and carefully obsheyte basting stitch around the perimeter.Do not forget to sew into the top corner of the loop for the tail.It can be made from the same tape or rubber bands.It must be of such size that did not have to force it to pull the tail.If necessary, you can cut the tape into pieces of equal length on each side, plus allowance for hem and sew individually.Stitched trim.Instead, you can use a tape strip of cloth.Long sections of this strip is better to bend inward and press it.

Mark the places for retainers.They are the easiest way to turn an ordinary clothesline gum.We need at least two lock - on the front legs.They are performed in loops.The size should be such that the loop is not slipping, but not crushed leg.Baste ends of the loops to a backing layer.You may want to do another band of lace.The fasteners can be used as a small carabiner.