If the cat is necessary to sharpen the claws, then it should be for this certain place.That's just such a place would be good for the cat scratching posts.It can be purchased at the store or do it yourself.

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How to Choose

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House - the most attractive and aesthetic, but with a fairly high price.This is a fun park for your pet, where he was given the opportunity to sharpen claws, sleep in a cozy house, contemplate everything happening with the high altitude site.This house combines all the fun for purring.There are a huge number of options for devices and additional features.

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kittens-column consists of a platform in the center of which reinforced cone or cylinder is covered with jute.They are made of different height, with attached toys or without.

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flat - at the heart of a wooden plaque scratching posts, which attach the material that is most comfortable for the cat sharpening claws.Flat scratching posts are vertical or horizontal.

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House has scratching posts can not protect your furniture from the sharp claws of a cat.Observe your pet, what it involves.If the sale is a given material, it is possible to make a scratching post made of this fabric.

Helpful hints

Not every cat suit horizontal scratching posts.They do not get the cat to stretch all the muscles.After all, for the greatest pleasure of the animal - pulled from sleep.The best option would be universal or vertical designs.

optimum height normal scratching posts by 80 centimeters, but what it will be higher, so with great pleasure your pet will pay attention to it.A true cat lover can build a scratching post to your apartment to the ceiling, but it should not rest on the ceiling.This design can have a platform from which your cat will survey the entire territory.

kittens with special impregnation are not suitable for all cats, some just love them, and others, and they do not need.Cost pay attention when choosing.

To place a scratching post in an apartment must be away from upholstered furniture, the cat in the heat is not turned on sofas and chairs.If the animal does not pay attention to the appearance of the accessory in the home, you can help your cat to attract attention with the help of catnip.It is necessary to place a bag of mint Hanging over the kittens.