Cats - playful and curious.She loves to learn new things, to climb on cupboards and shelves.To the favorite did not spoil things and threw off the floor rare souvenirs, you can build for her a real complex, where it will be something to do at any time.Today, many pet stores offer similar products, but they are quite expensive, and still rarely vary significantly.

Materials for complex equipment

kotokompleksa start building the game on their own, the owners get the pleasure of creating a fabulous object.And, you can equip it with the most unusual lazami, toys, pencil sharpener, in a word, all those from which home favorite will be ecstatic.

To realize the dream of a cat, you will need a certain set of hand tools.First of all, screwdriver, jigsaw, stapler for furniture.The choice of materials is not basic, fit the most simple and common: MDF, PVC plumbing pipes, the remains of the different sizes of boards, plywood, wooden beams, screws for mounting corners.You will need felt, carpet, remaining in the bins with a soft cloth and padding polyester and foam.Wrap the pipe can be burlap, rope special kind of abaca, sisal rugs of jute and.It is important not to forget to buy a glue gun or ordinary glue and double sided tape.


To reduce assembly time igrokompleksa, you can take a multi-level wooden or metal stand for flowers that can reach a height of three meters and have about one to two dozen branches.All elements are covered with carpet, fixing material and glue stapler.With corners and struts secure the structure to the floor and wall.If the complex is high, it is possible to additionally attach it to a ceiling.If

playground for the cat to be higher than 1.5 meters, it is necessary to ensure that the distance between the floor is not more than 10-15 centimeters.Cats are very good at climbing high things, but they did not get off always.At the same soft and comfortable shelves, she freely get to the floor.

than the original version - used instead of PVC pipes and other elements of a wooden ladder.Each site can be converted into the cradle, scratching, provide it with interactive toys.