you need
  • - a small bowl;
  • - bowls;
  • - cereals;
  • - milk;
  • - meat.
Lure should begin at the age of 14 days.At this point puppies already opened eyes and ears, kids are active enough.Start introducing new foods should be a normal cow's milk.In order to make them more nutritious, you can add raw egg yolk per liter of milk.Feed should be immediately out of the bowl instead of nipples.
how to raise puppies
Puppies should be taken in turn and gently dipping snout in a bowl with milk.As the dishes for a small bowl or saucer.The most convenient way to feed your baby, put him on his knees and one hand holding the bowl, and the other - the baby.Just put a towel on his knees.But it is possible to carry out this procedure and on the floor.Of course, most of the milk is spilled by, but puppies quickly understand what is required of them.
how to grow fee
After 3-4 days you can start to feed kids porridge.There are plenty to choose from.Many breeders cook porridge with milk.There are those who lure puppies soluble children's cereals.It is also very convenient and kids usually like.In order to diversify the diet, you can own a coffee grinder to grind buckwheat, rice, oatmeal or grind ready-made porridge blender.However, now in pet shops along with suchim dry milk can be found, and special porridge for feeding puppies .The truth is they are not cheap and they can be found not in every city.
how to sell a dog?
With 21 days the body is ready to digest the kids meat.And boil nothing.For puppies preparing scraping meat.Make it in several ways.Knife scrape frozen meat, grate a little melted, ground into mincemeat.Then, the meat should be prepared to roll the balls in the a la carte, the size of a phalanx and freeze.These balls last a long time - one pup enough food per serving.For each feeding the right amount of balls should be thawed.A portion of often invest directly in the mouth.By the second or third day of a very active puppy will chew meat.
how to sell a dog
Remember that meat should be beef or lamb - pork dogs give in any case impossible.And not necessarily choose steak or tenderloin.A much better and more useful for kids - beef kidneys.They are relatively inexpensive, but contain many essential vitamins and minerals.By months of age will be enough to cut the meat into pieces the size of a fingernail and giving equal portions tablespoon.
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Besides meat it is time to enter and calcined cheese.To obtain a liter of milk, add on 3-4 spoons of calcium chloride.collect flakes of cheese and whey drain or give bitch.And for months of age can begin to give and adult food.Here, the choice is yours - a natural food to feed the puppy, or accustomed to prepared feed.If you're staying on the finished version, choose soft canned or pre-soak the pellets of dry food in warm water or milk until soft.Do not pour hot water, or destroyed all the vitamins present in the feed.If you're a natural feeding, you can cook porridge from a variety of cereals - wheat, buckwheat rice.Separately, boil the broth and mix with porridge.To make it fit the head meat, kidney, tripe, although the latter did not have a pleasant smell.
feeding is best to allocate as follows: 1 breast - porridge with meat, 2 feeding - cottage, 3 breast - porridge with meat, 4 breast - milk semolina or oatmeal, 5 breast - raw scraping meat.Giving the meat it should be at night because it is digested slowly and puppies are fed all night and did not wake up from hunger.
By months of age puppies are eating themselves out of the bowl, set on the floor.Putting a separate bowl for each does not make sense - the kids will still be collected in one or two bowls.It is best to put the 2-3 deep dish, depending on the number of dimensions puppies .However, the cheese and the meat is still better to give each puppy individually to a strong and active puppies are not taken away from weaker.