Explore the bridle.Skakovaya bridle consists of podborodnogo, occipital, forehead and naschechnogo belts, snaffle and reason.Carefully check the bridle.Make sure that it does not have any damage.
nahvat horse
Put a bridle on the left hand so that her forehead strap was at your elbow.Release excuse opening his forehead strap.
How to wash a horse
Open the door of the stall.Make sure that the horse is calm and does not show aggression.Approach the horse from her front left leg.Ohlopayte the animal's neck and name by name.Put a reason for neck horse without removing the bridle with his left hand.
How to calm the horse
Fix the horse's head, missing his right arm under her face and put his hand on the nose of the animal.It should be noted that the head of the horse must be fixed to the point when you will be put animal ears between the occipital and forehead straps.
how to travel horse
Raise your left hand headband so as to be able to press naschechnye straps to the nose of the animal using the palm and fingers of the right hand.
treatment of horse
Holding tranzel on his open palm, put it in a horse's mouth freed his left hand.It is strictly forbidden to push through tranzel in the horse's mouth with your fingers.
Pull bridle up to tranzel moved to the corners of the mouth of the animal.Pass the ears of the horse between the occipital and forehead straps.
Release bangs horse from the forehead strap.Button podborodny belt so that between it and the neck of the animal can pass vertically raised fist.Keep in mind that too free podborodny belt can lead to slip the bridle, and too tight - will not interfere with the breathing of the animal and bother him.
Make sure that the straps are not twisted and the occasion, and tranzel fits snugly in the corner of the horse's mouth, but does not form at the same skin folds.