delivers automatic feeders feed the cat at the time that the host will put the timer.It is also possible to adjust the number of feedings per day and serving sizes, as food consumption in animals of different ages and breeds is very different.What

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most common automatic feeders for cats operates on the following principle: the set time from the container through the dispenser supplied food for animals in a bowl attached.This model is intended only for dry food.The bowl can be easily removed from the dispenser, and you, at any time it can wash and dry.

Another model of automatic feeders for cats is a large bowl with a cut in the lid.The owner of the animal feed supply puts time on the timer.When this kind of alarm is triggered, the cover pivots, opening the compartment with fresh food.Usually there are 3-4 in bowl, cover with food for cats, this is enough for the whole day.This model enables automatic feeders to give your pet any food.

more expensive options for pet feeders are equipped with built-in ice packs, which keep food fresh for a long time.That is, these models allow the owner to leave the pet alone at home for a few days without having to worry about the regularity of feeding and quality of food.

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Some models feeders pets equipped with a device to record and playback voice master, who calls pet.This feature allows the cat will get used to the new product and not to be afraid of sound actuated timer.

In addition, the devices for the automatic feeding of cats let you monitor the health of pets, not allowing them to overeat and to acquire gastrointestinal diseases.If you just leave a lot of food in a simple bowl of the day, the animal can eat all at once, and then suffer from heaviness in the stomach or diarrhea.

cat in your absence may combine business with pleasure, if you have a model of intelligent automatic feeders.Pet is not just gets the food, but also reveals their mental abilities and develop physically.

design of automatic feeders is a pipe-maze with holes of different sizes.Cat need to push pieces of food out of the paw of the maze, using little windows.As a result, intellectual and physical effort, gets a pet food.This game will entertain your cat, feed it and will not get bored in the absence of the owner.

turns out that the disadvantages avtokormushek have not, they are much easier to care for pets.