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is believed that the protein can contain both suburban areas and in urban apartments.However, remember that the proteins are, strictly speaking, are not pets and their relationship with the person is not always going well.

When buying animal should not rely on the fact that you will be able to take it in his hands, or when you want to play with him for a long time.Such variations are, of course occur, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Also do not forget that proteins are very mobile and active.To animal felt comfortable and was not sick, he needs a lot of jumping and climbing trees.Even the well-known wheel is not always escape.For example, just a few months improper content, the claws of an animal deprived of the possibility to jump from branch to branch, grow so much that the grasping tissue and interfere with the movement of the smooth surface.
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Prepare enclosure for protein content.The dimensions of the enclosure are determined on the basis of 1,5h1,5 square meters per animal.Frame cells must be metallic, sinceproteins - rodents, and a wooden cage is not a significant barrier for them.The walls of the cells tend to be hooped metal grid with a mesh size of less than 15 square millimetersIf the enclosure will be installed on the street, it is necessary to equip the gable roof.

sure to place the branches in the cage, shelves and snags.Install the wheel.

Put the house - regular fit nest boxes.To animal could make it cozy need to be placed in a cage, "building material" - wool, straw, scraps of woolen threads, pieces of cloth.
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Buy recommended protein in pet stores or specialized nurseries - so you can be sure that buying a healthy animal.Buy protein markets is undesirable, becauseyou run the risk of the patient, or buy wild animals, contact with which I will not give you any pleasure.
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When buying the proteins necessary to clarify a number of issues.Ask whether this protein bred in captivity or caught in the woods.For home detention are ideal animals born in the nursery, in the second and third generation.

Find out how friendly animals - squirrels are able to very painful bite.Is it trying to run away?

sure to find out the age of the animal.The average lifespan of a protein - 10-15 years.

Ask about how to feed animal used to gaining weight if he, what is his daily diet.

Make sure you have completed all necessary vaccinations for rodents and animals have official documents.
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