Do not be so hurry to make your work does not become a Sisyphus, the first thing wash tank, because it certainly a lot of different harmful microorganisms could remain all sorts of toxic substances from detergents that it rubbed in the cabin.If you bought a brick tank, it is best to wash with a solution of baking soda or ordinary soap.If you bought a frameless aquarium - clean it with a 5% solution of acetic acid and salt.

to put an aquarium

Now select the location where you want to install an aquarium - just put it on the window sill is not the best option as it is necessary to eliminate the long-term effect of direct sunlight.Failure to do so will cause the sun reproduction of microscopic green algae, which are deposited on the glass;water flowers, and the plants covered by the fringe.You do not want to turn your fish tank into a swamp?

how to repair cracks in the corner of the aquarium

It is advisable to install the aquarium to the side of the window, if it does not do so close the blackout curtains.Do not place the aquarium next to a radiator, and be sure to pick up his height because it can be enjoyed both sitting and standing.Think about the fact that the aquarium need electricity, and it is desirable that a number of more space, as it sometimes is necessary to bring buckets and cans, and spill the water a couple of times on the floor, you begin to lose interest in the aquarium.The aquarium is best to put on a piece of polystyrene, 1 cm thick, to give it more stability.

praviono how to install an internal filter for aquarium fan

With room for aquarium decided, left to fill it with water, it should be done gradually, filling it with first half and a day pour the water so that the upper bound was 5 cm - it will avoid trouble in the form of brokenglasses.Check whether your aquarium flows, then drain the water, the "first" water must be drained.

how to install an external aquarium filter

After refilling, the aquarium is ready, but do not forget that just run the fish in the aquarium is small, it is necessary to buy equipment for aeration and filtration of water and submerge thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water.So I advise you to purchase fish to consult a specialist.

how to transport tanks