If your cat start sneezing and coughing, lost appetite and sleeps all the time, it's a sure sign of infection her body's a very dangerous virus.Some believe that it is cold and wait for the pet will recover on their own.It's not the cat can just only if there are 30 degrees of frost for at least half an hour.In order to cure pet, you should immediately take effective measures.
how to cure a kitten
First, inspect the animal.It is necessary to check the ears for the presence of plaque, the neck lymph nodes - they are not increased, mouth cat - whether ulceration.Look at the color discharge from the eyes and nose - all this will come in handy at the initial examination by a veterinarian.
how to cure diarrhea in cats
Refer to a nearby veterinary clinic or call the vet at home, if you are confident in his professionalism.Well to find out the addresses and telephone numbers of professional veterinarians in advance, as soon as in your home there is an animal.
to treat a runny nose in cats
listed in detail all the symptoms of the disease, which you can detect with the naked eye.All this will help for proper diagnosis.
how to cure a runny nose kitten
Generally, symptoms of disease after infection with one of the three dangerous viruses - rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, and panleukopenia - similar to each other and yet are not subject to accurate diagnosis.In this case, all of diseased animals treated according to the general scheme: administer daily, several times a day, injection of an antibiotic and vitamin intramuscularly for two weeks.
Treatment of cat urine stagnation
Then, in the case of improving the condition of the animal, vitamin injections continue for another 10 days.
diseased animals lose their appetite, and to maintain their body's use a special high-protein diet.Usually offer boiled sea fish, meat and beef liver, ground to ground meat, whipped raw egg yolk, milk.All products have to be warmed to room temperature.

diseased animals offer food as often as possible.Sometimes you have to feed him forcibly to avoid exhaustion and dehydration, which is extremely dangerous viral diseases.
very important not to stop treatment and not to miss the introduction of drugs, or a sick animal, especially under the age of 1 year, there can be complications, the most dangerous of which is pneumonia.This disease is very difficult to treat in cats, and no one is safe from the lethal disease.
not to go each day for injections and once again not to stress your pet, you can purchase prescription drugs and syringes veterinarian and carried out this simple operation independently.Look, how does an injection specialist, and after several attempts, you do learn quite bearable to assist your pet.
Do not believe the "experts" who claim that the animal is ill as a result of the fact that picked up the virus from humans.It is impossible, sincehuman and feline viruses are so different in nature that any person from a cat or a cat from a person infected with them can not.