Do not buy a goat a hurry in the market.Better pre-visit on a goat farm.Here you can not only see the conditions in which animals are kept, but also to look at the parents.This essential quality as the milk yield is dependent on tribal lines.Choose a goat with a good heredity.
for goats: how to keep
Progeny breeding goats from good producers is not cheap, but it's better than to keep two or three animals with mediocre or even low yields.After all, the first thing you buy for her goat milk.
how to keep a goat
not buy goats from a closely mixing.These animals do not have a high milk yield and are often marked by inner ugliness.
How to make goat
When buying animal pay attention to appearance, hair condition, response to others.Old or sick goat looks oppressed, a saggy belly fur from animals such dull and matted.
how to feed a goat
Give animal crackers.Young goat sgryzet it quickly, and the old will be a long thumb in his mouth and only then swallow.
both carry a few goats
A healthy goat silent breath, clean nose, bright eyes and a nice shiny coat.
Note the udder.It must be elastic, have a pear-shaped, and the nipples should be of medium size, suitable for milking.Check nipples.Occasionally encountered in goats "blind" the nipple or, conversely, with a double orifice.Any deviations in the shape of udder from the norm - a reason to cancel the purchase.
Scratch goat between the horns and smell her hand.It is noticed that the animal has no unpleasant odor, it gives a delicious milk.
Buying young goat at the age of 2-3 months, check that it was not bisexual.Androgyny in goats occurs often and expect from such an animal does not have high yields.Good goat should have a clearly defined sexual characteristics, appearance should be "feminine" and does not have a goat-like behavior.
Choose a large animal in the litter.These goats differ good health and a higher breast.The backbone of the young goats on the whole similar to the skeleton of an adult goat, but young legs longer and slimmer head.Too frail-looking animal with short legs seem graceful and petite, but with age, this will not be your nurse.This will be painful, and the goat frail.