pinpoint a breed of dog that you want to purchase.This is a major impact on the further care of him, to training, to the feeding.In the end, true to vote your family budget, whether it will stand the contents of the royal mastiff.Dog necessarily need to include in the diet of meat.
to buy a puppy
Think about where you want to buy a puppy: the market or with the hands, on your ad.As a rule, the market animals tested by regulatory authorities and is required to have the necessary documents.
How to buy a puppy Irish wolfhound
sure to check documents for a puppy - a personal passport (now there are any, and - are required), documents the parents, pedigree, participation in exhibitions, awards and more.This is useful if you want to buy a real purebred dog.
buy Yorkshire Terrier
Inspect rear paws puppy.At present purebred dogs on its hind legs is not the fifth finger, while the obscure mixes or just stray dogs - it is.
how to stop the tail of the fox terrier
If you want to buy a certain breed puppy, you must first become familiar with the breed features - color, shape of the head, chest, legs, length and other parameters of the withers.In mongrel representatives of these parameters, as a rule, very lame.Otherwise, how to buy a puppy, not knowing how to breed it belongs?
breed for beginners
If your puppy more than two months, it must be stamped in the passport of vaccination performed.Look at the mark, there should be a sticker on the drug and veterinarian transcript, from which vaccinated.
If the puppy is very small, and the owner (seller) assures that all necessary vaccinations have already been taken, or he's cheating, or there is a risk of serious illness puppy in the near future, as it has immunity still can not cope-introduced in the vaccine infection.
Focus on the average price.If you are selling much cheaper - it's not a pure breed.
on arrival home is sure to bathe your puppy thoroughly after washing it by special shampoo for dogs.