Start training and taming of the parrot in the day when you brought him home.He did not need much time to adapt, but it is better to bring the cell to the room in the morning until dark bird to get used to the room and sounds.
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the first day of communication offer parrot food and pat lightly behind your head.Each bird has its own character, so in some cases you can be frightened cockatiel.Be careful and unhurried.
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training classes on a daily basis, when the release of a parrot cage.If you are constantly busy at work or school, ask someone in the family to do the training cockatiels.The more you communicate with it, the faster it will get used to the human voice, and cease to fear.
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Crop parrot feathers.This procedure is necessary to make sure, it is better in a veterinary clinic.It is painless, safe and much easier training, so that the bird can not fly away.Also, it is not in danger of accidentally fly out the window.Corella with clipped feathers able to fly only two or three meters, and then it will sit on the ground.
Teaching a parrot, are with him.Strangers and noise around will disturb and distract him.Engage with the bird should be one and the same person.
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During the lessons do not frighten the bird sharp sounds, do not yell at him, behave as calmly as possible.Accustomed to the hands can be gently taking Corell bottom open palms.Do not come back to your student, you should see a parrot, not to feel the danger.
Teach your pet to sit on the finger slowly bring your finger to the chest of a parrot, if he does not wish to sit on it, disturb the equilibrium, lightly touching the abdomen.Corella, in order not to fall, jump on the finger.
To avoid bites at first, wrap your fingers with tape or adhesive plaster.Do not make too sudden movements, never hit the parrot.He must feel that you do not feel to it of aggression.
After training regardless of the results suggest parrot food and water.Tired of studies Corell will be much easier to sit on a perch and back into the cage.