process of bathing a cat can hardly be called simple and quiet - all felines different responsiveness and agility.Therefore, the owner of a cat or cats must be prepared to bathe the animal properly.

how to bathe your kitten

  1. If you are going to wash the cat, in any case, do not do it in an open area if the animal will escape and run to catch up and catch it you will most likely fail.It is best to bathe a cat in a closed shower or a small bathroom.Try to remove all the items in advance, which the animal can damage, lose or break the floor.And move away plastic or plastic shower curtain - an angry cat destroys such curtains with a swipe of the paw.

  2. advance take care of the protection of their own limbs.If your pet is prone to react violently to the bathing process, it is better to wear thick gloves on his hands.Also prepare and place near the site of a towel and bathing the cat shampoo.

  3. Before you start washing your cat, type in the trough or tub a little warm water - so that the water level in the tank was at least 15-20 centimeters.Bring the cat to the bathroom as soon as possible and proceed directly to the process of swimming.Because keep in the hands of the cat while swimming is extremely difficult, try to do all the procedures as quickly and accurately.Dipping the animal in the water, as soon as possible soap feline fur shampoo, and then try to rinse thoroughly lather with wool.Be prepared for the fact that your pet will break out of the hands and violently resist, however, to wash off the foam with him must be carefully as possible with plenty of water.The water temperature for swimming should be comfortable - a cat's body temperature is usually around 38 degrees, and the water, which seems to us a warm, animal washes seem cold.But too hot water will cause the cat attack aggression.

  4. After bathing, carefully dry the cat.Do not use dryer for that - better to just wipe thoroughly with a towel animal.