Decide what you get cow : you need milk or meat Burenka, and maybe meat and dairy (combined).
ideal option for dairy cattle can be regarded as black-and-white breed cows.These cows are unpretentious, they do not need a large number of feeds, but they are characterized by rich it is necessary, and in addition also a good meat quality.
Where can I buy a cow
Note the general appearance of the cow.A good small relative to the body of the animal's head - dry and mild with an elongated front part;long neck with a thin skin;proportional, developed body, expands to the backside (the side of the body, in appearance like a truncated cone).The chest of the cow must be a narrow, deep and round belly, the back - line.
Burenka should not outwardly seem like a bull and has a rough voice.Horns should be thin, slightly bent inward.Inspect, palpate the whole body of the cow on the presence of ulcers and tumors.
the injury of the udder in cows
Examine the cow's udder.It should be rounded, cup-shaped share - identical in size and dimension.If any of them is different, it may be due to recent infection is not known how this affected the quality of milk.Teats should be thick or thin.Owners tight milked first, second - often lose their milk.Attention to the skin of the udder.It should be fine, so you can see the veins thick and resilient.If recently milked a cow, the udder may be smaller in size than usual, and folds to form a so-called "safety".Check whether there are warts and fissures.
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There are still some small details that need to be addressed.Firstly, it is desirable that the tail end hanging below the knee joint.If the brush tail visible dandruff, it speaks of the intensity of metabolic processes in the animal.Second, the ears - the presence of sulfur there in large numbers indicates a high milk fat content.
how to increase milk production in cows
high yielding cows usually are thin a bit, but their thinness should not be excessive.Let's just say, it is rather fry.Beautiful skinny cow - the queen in his herd.So it will get better and the grass and the water is fresher, and the milk she will, accordingly, the most good.It should be a quiet, shy animals give a little milk, they are difficult to contain and re unlikely to succeed.To test the touch cow's neck - a calm cow looks at you with a puzzled and slightly pulled away from a stranger.Timidly, the creation and exerts recoil.
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Ask the seller how much he had cows often do to change them.A cow does fearful master, and if people are well-treated animals, and his character was good.Such owners of cows changed infrequently and for parting with the nurse treated as a loss.
In general, the cow should be cheerful appearance, easy gait, clear eyes.She must have a lot and everything, especially not turning over, chew, chew and chew again.If you are undecided Cows, you can ask the owner permission to milk her.Check out how she is milking you, try it on the taste of the milk.
A good host should be wound up on the veterinary card cow , which contain information on the animal, its vaccination surveys.Also, this information may be obtained from gosvetinspektsii.There are various types of chronic diseases, which can not be detected by the surface inspection, but they are dangerous because they are transmitted to humans (tuberculosis, brucellosis, etc.) you can before you buy to insist on the re-examination of the animal, provided the veterinary legislation.