Tip 1: How to care for a dog

If you have succumbed to a long-standing dream and decided to get a dog, then in front of you there is lots of tests and surprises.The dog will depend entirely on you and why it is you are responsible for it.

Every single breed has its own secret care and its vicissitudes of nature.In order to understand all of them you will have a lot to learn, a lot of interested and live a long time side by side with the dog.However, there is a list of key recommendations that fit every dog ​​in varying degrees.

first nuance is walking.You can not make the dog grew up without a walk.It is important for her health, growth and normal digestive system.Of course, the puppies will bring you unexpected joy throughout the apartment, but with the years you train a dog and that will solve all their business during walks.The duration and amount of walking is entirely dependent on the breed of dog.At least this two walks - in the morning and evening.If you have a strong and big dog, it needs to run a lot and move, otherwise it can either fatten or spread you a house.

next issue is the question of food.If you have taken to care for a dog, then a stern you need to know everything.What can and should have a dog?The recipe is easy, you can dog meat can be dairy products, eggs, vegetables and cereals.And the meat is better to give raw or scalded with boiling water.For every kilo of weight of your dog, '50 of meat a day.Very important cottage cheese, sour milk or yogurt.These products are well absorbed, and supply the body with calcium.

then in the eggs and cereals.Dog in the week laid two eggs, but in raw form, they are not assimilated.Therefore, it can be cooked cereals - rice, oatmeal, buckwheat - and add the chopped egg.Vegetables are useful, but their amount should be less than the amount of meat.Remember that salt eating dogs is not necessary, it needs salt is extremely small.Further, in an accessible place for the dog must lie pieces of chalk, it will nibble them as desired.We know that many dogs are not indifferent to sweets.Therefore, during training is recommended as dressing raisins, dried apricots and prunes.The choice may surprise many, but the dog will be delighted.

very important aspect of this vaccination and treatment of the dog in case anything happens.On this account you need to have a veterinarian friend, because self-medication may result in failure.Vaccinations are scheduled.And the rest, just make sure that the dog did not eat whatever and wherever, as a rule, is the main factor of the disease.

dog is a huge responsibility, and if you really took care for a dog, do it conscientiously.

Tip 2: How to Care for Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers - comely and graceful dog, so to have a puppy of Yorkshire dream of many dog ​​lovers.Due to its compact size Yorkshire terriers are ideal for keeping dogs in the house or apartment.Appearance representatives of this breed is characterized by high decorative qualities, so the owners of Yorkshire Terriers often pay a lot of attention for the fur care of their pets.
How to Care for Yorkshire Terrier

In general, properly care for the Yorkshire terrier is not so difficult - these dogs differ calm character and unpretentious in food.

  1. If your house Yorkshire terrier puppy appeared immediately determine his place.Beds puppy should not be in the immediate vicinity of the door or window (that the animal did not fall under the draft), and next to the battery of central heating.To the puppy feel comfortable, you can equip it to a special enclosure.

  2. Despite the fact that the bulk of Yorkshire terriers is not very fastidious in choosing the food, it is necessary to draw up a diet of your pet.Feed Yorkshire Terrier can be prepared as a professional food and natural food.But in any case the dog's diet should be balanced, so it is necessary to strictly from rule out any sweets, salty foods, and ready-made meals to your table.Food, which is suitable for the human stomach may detrimental impact on the digestive system Yorkshire terrier.

  3. Yorkshire terriers are different specific wool on, as the dogs of this breed have no undercoat.Therefore, in order to properly care for your Yorkshire Terrier, you must pay a lot of attention pet fur.In cold weather, your dog need to dress warmly before heading out for a walk with her.Your terrier should be warm overalls.Sensitive paw paws Yorkshire Terriers are not suitable for walking on gravel or uneven pavement, so the shoes in this case, too, will not be superfluous.

  4. grooming Yorkshire Terrier is in its regular washing and combing.Haircut Terriers should be carried out not less than once every few months (and can be often), and hair that grows between the pads and toes, it is necessary every two weeks to remove.Claws Yorkshire terrier trimmed once a week.Bathe your dog healthy and active should be not less than once every ten days.