Size matters.Decide large or small dog you want.You live in a small apartment or have your house?Also worth considering who will usually walk the dog.Teenager or frail woman can not cope with the Great Dane and Caucasian Shepherd.
how to choose a puppy golden retriever
Read about the characters dog breeds that you like.Usually a person chooses dog same character, like him, calm and balanced take independent Chow;people who want to take care of someone and receive love in response, fit retrievers and setters;for fun and active is nothing better than a dog that requires long walks in the fresh air - a lot of hunting breed.
However, if you want a dog can help you correct the deficiencies.If you are a melancholy man who seriously converges with people, get naughty terrier, who will teach you to enjoy life and make to communicate with other dog lovers.Homebody suitable fee or Dalmatians, which will display it on walks.
Some breeds are easily taming, on the other you will never achieve a perfect obedience.If you want to have the animal obeyed, even the movement of your eyebrows, take a German shepherd, Boxer, Labrador.If you are interested to win the trust of the dog, it raises an interesting, if not always obedient, personality, pay attention to the Central Asian sheep-dogs, schnauzers.
Determine the desired gender of your future dog.Males are often more inclined to dominate (although girls tend to think of themselves as leaders, are also found), but females twice a year going into heat.Decide that you will be less of a problem.
So you've decided what you want, and finally came to a breeder.If this is your first dog, beware of taking the largest and most active puppy - he obviously used to dominate.It is not necessary to select and very frightened and downtrodden kid - it is better to consult an experienced dog lover.Take affectionate and active puppy who is not afraid and readily suited to you.It will be a good friend.