Why do we need dry food

wet food for cats

you think that feed the cat incomprehensible breadcrumbs can only hardened monsters and lazy?This is not so.The fact that high quality dry food is fully balanced in composition and contains all your cat required nutrients, vitamins and minerals.Of course, you can feed your pet fresh tenderloin or fresh milk, but to provide a varied and balanced diet so that the majority of owners are not able to.Food also solves this problem quickly and without any effort on your part.

cat eats dry food is less than normal

important aspect - in the dry food is easier to add these or other medicinal ingredients or substances.This is especially true when choosing a medical supply or choosing a diet for your pet.In addition, the animal feed dry food is really convenient: it lasts longer and does not deteriorate in a bowl.

Translation cats on dry food

composition of dry cat food

how to translate the kitten to dry food

All of this is overdue for quality food.Unfortunately, not all manufacturers of food for the animals, make animal feed really useful and balanced.To understand how high-quality food in front of you, carefully read its label.The well-fed will necessarily contain the following ingredients: meat (namely meat, not purged of animal origin), cereals and vegetables (50%), vitamins and minerals (the list should be long).Also note that the preservatives and antioxidants in the composition of the feed were natural (e.g., vitamins E and C, as well as herbal extracts and oils).

choose a cat dry food

harmful and unwanted components of food

But what in the diet for cats should not be, because it is artificial colors or preservatives.Some manufacturers add sugar feed to improve their palatability and structure.For animals such additive is not helpful.Sugar causes tooth decay, moreover, harmful to the digestive system of the cat.

should also be on guard if you notice in animal feed ingredients of dubious origin.For example, beef skin or milled flour from turkey.Even if the package does "by-products", know that it is nothing but scraps and waste from meat processing facilities.Cases when unscrupulous manufacturers do literally feed from the horns, hooves and feathers.Do not feed, which is composed of cellulose or nut shells - these ingredients cause an imaginary feeling of satiety without providing nutrients.