you need
  • - quality food for puppies;
  • - meat, hryaschiki;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • - vitamin supplements.
Puppies need to be fed properly, improper food can lead to various bone abnormalities.It is impossible to feed the baby only meat, this product contains not all of the nutrients needed for growing dogs.
But an overabundance of vitamins and calcium, too, should be avoided, otherwise it could lead to a breach of calcium-phosphorus metabolism, which in turn can cause malformation of bones and curvature of the front feet.Lack of vitamin fertilizing can cause rickets, but the disease is relatively rare, whereas the effects of an overabundance of fertilizing more severe and more frequent.
Hypervitaminosis leads to abnormal growth and the absorption of certain minerals, predisposition to the development of intestinal volvulus and expansion of the stomach.Puppy diet should contain at least 29% protein.The lack of essential amino acids that the animal receives from protein harms immunity and the proper development of the muscles and skeleton dog.
ideal for a puppy is a special balanced feed with an indication of the required dosage on the package.The dosage is especially important for puppies.Free feeding can lead to overfeeding, which, oddly enough, underfeeding is more harmful to the puppies.Overfeeding trigger too rapid growth, which has a negative impact on the formation of the skeleton and may in the future cause a number of diseases.It is important for the growth of the puppy was not violent and explosive and normal and smooth, it promotes harmonious development.
When selecting a special feed is better to prefer dry, which contains far more nutrients than in wet dog food.Wet food for about 80% of the conventional water.For better storage preserves much sugar is added and a salt in which the dog is not particularly needed, whereas in the dry food moisture of 9%, and the rest - nutrients.Keep in mind that when feeding dry food puppy particularly strong need of fresh water.
should pay attention to the preferences of the puppy.It is not necessary to feed the dog food that he does not like, and from which he always refused.It is advisable to try several brands of high-quality feed, meats, fish and choose the food that the pet is best to eat while trying to make a balanced diet.The food that the puppy did not like, you can try to re not earlier than one to two weeks.