What to feed young puppies

For the monthly puppies useful finely sliced ​​raw meat, minced meat, on the contrary, give undesirable because it is poorly digested and practically not absorbed.It is also useful to include in the diet of yogurt, cottage cheese, porridge, vegetables (peppers, beets, carrots and tomatoes) and boiled groats (buckwheat, wheat, millet, barley and rice), boiled eggs and crackers from black bread.All this can be mixed into the meat, to get a complete food with all the beneficial vitamins and minerals.

When the puppy is more or less used to the new food, you can choose from three types of feeding: natural, mixed and dry.The diet of natural feeding areas must be present meat (beef, turkey, rabbit and veal), can occasionally give the liver and heart.Useful puppies cooked in meat broth buckwheat porridge and rice, you can add steamed vegetables (broccoli, zucchini, carrots and pumpkin).Grown puppies can be fed fish (fillet) and aspic beef.

In mixed feeding is necessary to alternate dry food for puppies with natural food.The interval between doses finished factory and natural food should be five hours.

useful to give the puppy a slice of apple as a delicacy.You can combine steamed vegetables with meat, but should avoid herbal products with intense bright color, they can trigger allergies.

Contrary to popular belief about the dangers of dry food, they do not impact negatively on the health of the puppy, if you remember about the fresh water in a bowl.We must choose precisely balanced food for puppies, of which consists of the necessary vitamins and minerals.Kids up to three months are fed dry food soaked in lukewarm water in the proportions of 300 ml per 100 g of food.It is advisable to soak each piece separately, not pre-cook large amounts of food.

Since the two months the pups need from time to time to give a small amount of crude cartilage.Grown pets can treat soft beef or veal bones.Six-month pups can be given porridge made from rolled oats, but semolina and porridge out of it are harmful to dogs of all ages.

How to feed young puppies

to weaning puppy is not capricious often need to feed it in the same time.While he was eating, you need to talk with the pet gently.After feeding, it is desirable to take the baby, to warm it and put on a soft, cozy couch.

cup of fresh water should always be filled.Whole milk is better not to give your puppy.For the convenience of the puppy and your comfort, the bowl should be steady and deep.