Vitamin A has a positive effect on the visual system of the animal, it helps correct response to different levels of illumination.Also stimulates the immune system, has antioxidant properties.You need to know that vitamin A can be synthesized from beta-carotene, which the body gets from plant foods, such as carrots and greens.However, for animals is the main source of retinol, is contained in large amounts in the liver of fish and marine mammals.For the synthesis of vitamin A necessary to have fat.
B vitamins are involved in many processes in the body of animals is necessary for normal functioning of the central nervous system, the conversion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, hair growth, and are a necessary link in the hematopoietic process.Found in meat and dairy products, yeast, cereals, fish liver.
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, is involved in the development of connective and bone tissue, stimulates the immune system.In cats vitamin C is synthesized in the body from glucose.The sources are its greens, spinach, potato, red bell pepper.
Vitamin D - one of the most important, promotes proper development of muscle and bone tissue of the animal, it helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus.One type of vitamin - D3 - produced by ultraviolet sunlight, and in a large amount is contained in fish oil, so it is important to give the animals a chance to be in the open air, supplements used in this vitamin.
Vitamin E is important for the good operation of the reproductive function, the lack of it can lead to infertility.Contained in oats and buckwheat, egg yolks and vegetable oil.
Lack of trace elements and vitamins in the animal can be manifested in different ways.Blurred eyes, dry eyelids can occur due to deficiency of Vitamin A. The poor state of the wool, the occurrence of seizures indicates a lack of vitamins B, rickets, curvature of the limbs - a lack of vitamin D. Also, the animal may start to nibble some things, flowers, groundeven their own feces or butts - all this suggests that cat or dog that is lacking in the body.