dangerous imbalance

How to tame a cat to a new home

Remember that diet in the first place should be balanced.In the wild cat eat not only cutting, as they use a succulent plant can eat insects, frogs, or some other way to diversify your diet.If you decided to feed your pet a natural diet, make sure that his diet was balanced in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as containing foods stimulate the digestive system.

It can be called evil cat

Perhaps you will be interested to learn that pork can cause a cat cirrhosis or pancreatitis, excessive consumption of raw fish threatened with poisoning specific enzyme thiaminase, which leads to loss of appetite, and even convulsions, and after the regular feeding of the liver in cats violated exchangeprocesses.

How to tame the street cat

What can be given in any case

Of course, the diet may be formulated so that it meets the needs of a diverse and your furry pet.However, remember that variety - does not mean to give all that turned up under your arm.Among the products that are regularly present in the human diet, there are many who may be interested in the cat, but she can not give in any case.This includes all the fatty, spicy, salty, pickled and smoked.All of these products, though beckon Murok its fragrance can lead to metabolic disorders and diseases of the digestive system.

many cats seem extremely attractive confectionery products - because they often contain cream or milk cream.But to treat pets cakes, candies and even condensed milk is strictly prohibited!Chocolate contains substances that are toxic to cats, in addition, carbohydrates are generally very badly degraded by the digestive system of predators - cats simply do not have the specialized enzymes for this.

Feed me!

There is a logical question - what to do when the cat asks treat it with something tasty on the table?The answer is - keep the defense!In fact, animals are often simply want to attract attention, but does not die of hunger, as it is written in his sad eyes.Feed the cat before they themselves sit down at the table and try to distract her from the contents of your plate as possible.If the animal will understand that he did not shine here, you gradually stop trying to soften.