most important qualities of barley are considered to be its nutritional properties, most of the energy value and easily digestible substance.In fact, barley is a pure carbohydrate - protein but it is still very small.When animal feeding barley need to remember that first of all it is intended for fattening (except pigs), so be sure to give it to the uterus and breast-feeding young animals as barley stimulates lactation and strong growth.
At puberty the amount of barley in the "menu" of animals need to significantly reduce or even replace, because it can reduce fertility and keep active breeding.This is associated with obesity, which causes a high content of carbohydrates in the crops, but also with decreased libido in males and females.In addition, barley reduces the amount of active sperm, significantly reducing the quality of the sperm, can cause severe birth in pregnant females and fewer embryos.
Barley must necessarily give birth to females, as he quickly restores the body, adjusts the digestion and makes the milk more nutritious and fat, which has a positive effect on the offspring.However, this should not be limited to only one barley - full diet must contain the animal tops, Fruit and roots, grass, leaves and branches of trees, silage, hay and drink plenty of liquids, helps to digest it all.
Since barley is usually promotes active growth of fat cells, animals raised for meat, it is recommended over a long period to give dairy products - for example, pigs give them up to six months.Besides, in this case, it is desirable to replace barley feeds which contain large amounts of proteins and proteins that allow to increase muscle mass, but not thick layer of fat.Otherwise, the correct use of barley as feed animals can provide useful and high-quality food, and their owners - excellent meat and dairy products.