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Probably the first and most important thing you should look for when choosing dog food - it is part of.Even if the front of the package flaunts the inscription "superekstra" or "natural meat" to the actual quality of the food it could have nothing to do.Note that the first three ingredients, usually in their aft greatest amount.Best of all, if it's something cold, for example: beef, turkey, pork.

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But if you came across the word 'offal', the best from this food refuse.I do not think that this is the liver, kidney, or anything like that.Typically, manufacturers of low-quality feed for "offal" is meant quite unfit to eat the skin, bones, feathers and hoofs.

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studying the label feed, mentally ask yourself the question: do we need in the diet of dogs such quantities of soya and maize and how much weighed daily serving of fresh meat needed for your dog if it hadto dry up?By the way, the price - another important selection criterion.A good quality dog ​​food can not be cheap - in fact it must contain at least 30% meat ingredients.If you see a better offer at a price to treat it with caution.

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dog food can be both dry and wet.Typically, wet food are part of the diet of small or medium-sized dogs as well as puppies used in nutrition and special diets.Dry food is more convenient to use and versatile, but it should be selected based on the individual characteristics of your four-legged pet.

What to avoid

All dry pet food anyway contain preservatives - it is necessary to maintain in the granules of fat and meat components.However, Preservatives Preservatives strife.Choose feed containing natural preservatives: the vitamins C and E, herbal extracts and oils.But antioxidants and artificial colorings in the composition should be avoided.Nothing good in them there is no way for a man and a dog.

If you feed your dog natural food, do not let her sweets or chocolate, as well as onions, garlic and vegetables containing crude fiber.Corn, for example, poorly digested by the body and harm predators digestion, and her ears are quite seriously injure the intestine of the dog.