By choosing from a wide range of food for cats suffering from these or other diseases, the owner must be approached very cautiously.What special food to give sick cat, will directly depend on the diagnosis of the veterinary clinic.

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dry food, wet food or canned

how to store dry food for cats

Cats exposed to diseases of the genitourinary system, the dry food in its purest form to give is not recommended.Especially if the cat at the same time consumes little water.If the animal, even in the period of acute illness will abandon other food options besides dry food, it is most important that the amount of drinking water in line with the amount of food eaten.

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How to give your cat dry food during treatment, chosen by the owner (of course, if the vet does not prescribe anything specific).The best are superpremium food with natural ingredients.But this food should be strictly dosed in accordance with the characteristics of animal diseases.

wet food for cats

moist and canned food are more preferred as food for sick cats.During animal disease usually immobile.Frequent trips to the bowl with water are replaced with constant lying.Therefore, wet food, does not require the consumption of large amounts of water to animals, it is better absorbed by the body and does not cause negative symptoms by digestion and urinary systems.

choose a dry food for cats

Ingredients for a sick cat

For cats with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are considered the best food with highly digestible ingredients, high-calorie, natural carbohydrates to restore the intestinal flora.

When kidney disease are recommended feed with low levels of phosphorus and magnesium and a high content of vitamins C and E, have composed antioxidants, fatty acids and natural carbohydrates.

treatment of advanced kidney stones require a specific diet for cats.Preferred feed, increasing urine output, reducing the bladder mucosa and can dissolve struvite (mineral substances contained in the urine).

For cats suffering from food allergies, food is very well suited, as a part of which has no artificial ingredients.This special hypoallergenic food.They are well absorbed and not likely to cause allergic reactions.In most cases, it is necessary to apply such feed lifelong pet.

Thus, any therapeutic food helps the body sick cat in the treatment of illness and recovery period.In order not to hurt the animal, but rather to improve its condition, the use of special feed should definitely agree with the veterinarian.