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First of all consult with experienced breeders of parrots and find out who and what to feed their charges.This kind of information is usually available on the online forums.Ask about how the food is better at the pet store is not necessary.Like any other commodity, feed, too, want to sell.

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If you have already purchased food for parrots and do not really understand how it is of good quality, you can always check it out yourself.Because before you grain mixture, it can always be subjected to the study.To begin to smell food: quality of the mixture will have a pleasant smell, without impurities mold, musty or anything unnatural.If you feel that you smell unpleasant, it is better not to risk it.

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next stage - structure.Pour the mixture on the palm, and see what it contains.Good food does not contain any debris, dirt, insects and feces.Nor should it be rotten, sprouted or obviously damaged seeds.Think about the quality of food for parrots should also, if the palm is clear after a dirty trail.

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Another indicator of quality of a mix - the ability to germinate.Take a small amount of food and try it to germinate.If the seedlings friendly - fresh seeds and will be useful for your parrot.If the mixture does not germinate very good - the food for a long time lay lost most of his properties.

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Of what should comprise a good balanced food for parrots?As a rule, all the major manufacturers are doing a mixture of yellow and Japanese millet, sowing seeds, hemp, canary seed, millet and Senegalese oatmeal.Also, in the preparation of grain mixes using colza and rape - these seeds contain phosphoric lime, fat, protein and other enzymes needed for the recovery of cell function, growth and replenish vitality.
Remember that is not only important qualitative composition of food, but also its balance.Prepared feeds already balanced in its composition, but if you decide to buy all the ingredients separately and prepare the mixture yourself, be sure to follow the advice of ornithologists or background information.


Most of the fodder for parrots contains components that can be very desirable for your pet.Do not feed with iodine or vitamin complexes, as these substances can not be given to the birds permanently.