Dog food in the form of canned food in its time became a real revolution.After feeding the animals it was at times easier.However, next to their fans and there were those who argued that such feed a negative impact on the health of the dogs, and one of them only harm.

What are the advantages of ready-canned dog food

different dog food taste better and are more comfortable to digest than dry food or food with the master's table.This is due to the fact that during their preparation composition is balanced, and the ingredients are selected by weight.For the most part, even taken into account especially dogs, for example, adult, pregnant or nursing.

75% of the composition in this diet - it is water.This ready-made foods contain large amounts of fat and are quite nutritious product.Due to this, they represent the best product in the event that high power demand of the animal.

Meat food is 2 types:
- normal diet;
- gourmet table.

first type in its composition typically contains different ingredients (but far from the best quality and the best): animal tissues, soybeans, corn.In this way, they become more affordable.Canned meats gourmet type consist of by-products and soy.Its brownish color with which it mimics meat, soy receives due to dyes.Such feeds contain a lot of protein, leading to kidney problems in dogs.The deli food by-products include such as shrimp, chicken, tuna, kidney, liver.In this way it gets the original taste and is particularly popular with pets.

What are the disadvantages of canned meat

Forage even made known and major manufacturers, defective composition of nutrients, namely, not enough minerals.If you feed an animal timey too often or even translate a dog feeding such, you can get a number of problems with the bones.Therefore it is necessary to alternate meat and dry foods.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that different manufacturers under the name of the same substance may hide different meanings.For example, one feed protein - a single dose of the substance, and in the other - is entirely different.Therefore, on a balance is difficult to say, because in each individual case it is calculated differently.