If the puppy appeared in the house by accident, the question of what to give him food - dry or natural, is not necessary.In your abilities only give him what is on your kitchen.However, no sausages, sausages and, moreover, something smoked, it can not give.If the puppy is still a pipsqueak, and his age is clearly no more than two months, then give him only dairy foods.
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Immediately eliminate and raw chicken legs and other parts of the poultry farm with chickens - they are fed hormones and different chemistry.In an extreme case, you can only use broth from a chicken that can make oatmeal "Hercules".If they do not, at this broth cook porridge.Remember, before you give your puppy cooked food, it must be cool that it was just warm.
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Boiled bird or rabbit pieces with tubular bones as you can not give a dog - sharp edges razgryzennye her bones can damage the esophagus and stomach.From meat it can be raw or boiled beef, but the fish - only boiled and only sea, without bones.Better not give anything solid if the puppy for more than 4 months and he cut permanent teeth.
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from milk it is possible to give almost everything - milk, cheese, yogurt.But the cheese, especially hard and sharp varieties of dogs is contraindicated.Even if you are feeling overwhelmed, and for him you do not feel sorry, do not let the puppy no candy and other sweets, white bread rolls, cakes and muffins.
feed the kitty 1 month oatmeal porridge
Well, if there are vegetables in the refrigerator.They may be given in any form - raw, boiled and stewed.Fruit, Citrus, even if the puppy wants, give.
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And, please, do not overfeed it.If he came to you from the street and nagolodalsya, then he must give the food a bit, in the range of 100-150 g Even if he will insist, to show restraint and feed it back only after a couple of hours.But give him fresh water and plenty.