Features bezzernovyh feed

Bezzernovye feed give a pet a big boost of energy, as well as support them in shape.At the heart of this production is the idea that the power of cats should be saturated with products that contain meat.

amount of meat contained in bezzernovyh feed, up to 80% of the total composition.In conventional feed this figure reaches up to 60%.

High levels of meat in the diet of pet adds a lot of protein, and also reduces the amount of carbohydrates.It promotes good digestibility.

By nature, cats do not belong to the class of herbivores, so the protein is a major source of energy.In addition, this substance has a positive effect on the kidneys of animals.

due to the absence of cereals in feed of this type reduces the amount of omega-6.And due to the high content of meat component of Omega-3 increases.Therefore, these two kinds of acids are optimally correlated with each other, therefore, the animals increased muscle mass and fat - is reduced.

Powered by bezzernovyh feed not suitable for all animals.It is mainly designed for active animals, and for cats that spend most of their time on the streets, for example, living in a country house.In other cases, such a diet can lead to obesity.

Top bezzernovye feed

highly appreciates food Natural Balance, which took first place in the Western ratings.It does not contain grains and suitable for cats of all ages.Some consumers say that the packaging of the product is not very bright and remarkable, but the content is quite high quality.

second most popular food called Wellness Core.It includes the high-quality ingredients and nutrients.In addition, it includes meat, tomatoes, cranberries and potatoes.They are sources of phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Another bright representative bezzernovoy product is Spot's Stew.Most consumers are very positive to say about this stern notice its high quality.In addition to the high quality ingredients, it contains useful vegetables and animals needed for the body amino acids.

Food Felidae gets a lot of positive feedback from cat owners.But not all products of this company are bezzernovymi, so when choosing important to read the label.

Felidae for kittens and adult cats.Moreover, it can be found in Russian even at retail.