Gerbils can be satisfied and the usual metal cage the size of 40x50 cm, as long as she did not have the bottom of the grid.Gerbils often injure legs, trapped between the bars.Better yet, keep gerbils in the tank with glass walls, poured into it a layer of peat, sawdust, hay or branches as thick as 20 cm. Then you can watch how they would burrow for their hidden life from prying eyes.

order for animals to build a nest, lay them in a cage torn cardboard unprinted or cartons of eggs.It is worth and the wheel - these animals are very active and love to move.But do not buy a lattice and solid wheel.


perhaps for the first time, gerbils are shy, but then quickly get used to, and you'll be able to constantly communicate with them.Unlike hamsters and chipmunks, gerbils do not have a tendency to hide and to seek out the dark corners, most of the time they are in the field of view of the people easily go on contact: come to the call, take the food out of the hands.

As in nature, animals in captivity tend to make stocks of feed, like hay and grass to train in groups.If you give them wet food, make sure that they do not stocked and regularly check their pantries, and that reserves will start to rot.


Like all rodents, gerbils like cereals, especially soaked and sprouted.We are pleased to eat beans, hay, green grass, sunflowers, beets, carrots, apples and berries.As a medicine used pumpkin seeds, but they can give a little, and not more than once a week - they are for gerbils much fat.When you buy to find out what they were fed up to you, and the first time as feed gradually, every ten days, introducing a new food.It is advisable to give animals a mineral fertilizer chalk, eggshells and be sure to branches of fruit trees, poplar or birch, so that they can gnaw and grind their teeth.

hosts as interesting

  • Gerbils will quickly get used to you and tame, if you give them away with goodies: seeds or raisins.
  • If you need to catch a gerbil, catch the tail and lift the substitute as support second hand.When you play with gerbils, sit on the floor, these nimble animals can break and fall from the height of their undesirable.
  • Do not forget that they are called not just gerbils on a whim.These animals like sand baths.Be sure to place the container in the house with sand.