Rabbits - social creatures.They are vital to communication, so if there is a possibility - it is better to buy a couple of eared, so they were not bored with each other.If places for two is not enough, get ready to give your rabbit as much as possible.Rabbits like to play with a man talking, asleep next to you, jump into his arms.Having established a trusting relationship with your pet, you will enrich rare selfless warmth and affection from him.
Learn rabbit habits and gestures.So it will be easier to find a common language to communicate eared that you are unhappy with his behavior or vice versa glad to see him.Yelling at a rabbit, to raise a hand against him - is unacceptable.
You should have plenty of room in the apartment where the rabbit - especially the young - could ride and run.Hide away wires, shoes, books, paper, cloth, do not leave your pet unattended - he can break the wallpaper from the walls.Weaned rabbit this is practically impossible, nibble - in its nature.Provide it with sprigs of apple, willow or special treats.
Rabbits learn to defecate in his cell - they choose a place in the toilet, you could substitute a tray or jar, but will inevitably throw for a feces.This is one way to mark the territory as their own.In addition, a portion of their bowel movements rabbit to eat - their digestive system is designed so that during one cycle is not absorbed all the nutrients from food.You may even notice that this is happening around the same time, if you feed your pet on a schedule.
Follow the diet and your rabbit.Digestive problems can end in tragedy.The same applies to the common cold.Rabbits have fragile health and should be cherished.
clear eyes, smooth fur clean, no discharge from the nose and eyes, ears clean inside - signs of a healthy animal.Sex can be determined, if you sit down and put the rabbit back on his knees and pull up the tail - the girls will be visible gap in boys - penis.
Rabbits are curious and restless, each has an individual character and with age acquires the habits, manners, way of communicating with you.Therefore, choose the rabbit that you look in the eye, and at the sight of which you will warm at heart.No wonder they say that the rabbit's foot brings good luck - a live rabbit brings ten times the success and true happiness to their sensitive and caring owners.