Immediately it is worth noting that the purchase of horses in Russia - not a cheap pleasure.Moreover, at times the price of a thoroughbred horse can reach downright dizzying heights, which, however, does not stop the true lovers of these graceful animals.

Approximate cost

Prices horse in Russia will start with a mark of 30,000 rubles, but this value is relevant only for older, sick or simply "retired" animals.For the money you can buy a real workhorse, and that could become an indispensable tool for the owner of the farm.

person who wants to buy a horse to participate in any kind of amateur competitions, the animal will have to pay for a much larger sum.The cost of the horses belonging to the Hanoverian, Trakehner, Oldenburg, Friesian and other species can vary from 50,000 to 500,000 rubles.

Arab, Barbary horses that can compete professional level, can afford only the most wealthy people, because the cost of such horses starts with a mark of 500,000 rubles, and can reach seven figures.

should be noted that the formation of the cost of the horse is affected by many factors.For example, a lot depends on the breed, pedigree, nature, sports skills and sex of the animal.Worth noting that in most cases are more expensive mares geldings.

justify whether a purchase?

Buy a horse is not difficult if the disposal has a tidy sum of money.In Russia there are a lot of breeders, clubs that specialize in breeding and selling horses.Elite horse can be purchased abroad.

However, we must remember that horses are very intelligent creatures, each animal its own character, which at times may not be compatible with the character of the new owner.The horse can be quite Shrew, so you should have a good experience in order to find a common language with the animal.

learn to get along with horses can be in any equestrian club, where experienced instructors.There are acquired and skills to care for the animals.As mentioned before - buying a horse is a very responsible company, so experts recommend inexperienced people to start to take the animal out, to establish a relationship with him.If the "get used" fails, you can always return to the horse owner.