first sign that the hamster is ill - not eating.This is because the patient retains the body strength to fight the disease, rather than spending them on the digestion of food.If the animal is often breathes, eats, does not drink, does not play, it clearly indicates that it was very sick.In rodents, accelerated metabolism, so one or two days of illness can lead to death of the animal.
If you do not know the cause of the disease, the hamster is an urgent need to show veterinarian.It is not necessary to self-medicate, many drugs are absolutely contraindicated in rodents and their thoughtless use leads to the immediate death of the animal.
Hamsters can get sick infectious diseases: salmonellosis, Tizzera disease (enteritis), colibacillosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis.Parasitic diseases: trichomoniasis, tape worms and nematodes.Ectoparasites: lice, demodectic mange, fleas and ticks.Fungal diseases: trichophytosis (shingles).Most of these diseases may be transmitted from animal to man.
Noncommunicable diseases are not transmitted from animals to each other or to the person.They can occur in acute and chronic.Cystitis clogging cheek pouches, rickets, diseases of the lungs and intestines, and various cancerous growths.Their causes are factors such as decreased immunity, lack of vitamins, poor care or heredity.With early detection and proper treatment of the disease, the animal is recovering and happy their owners.
to prevent human infection and other infectious diseases of pets there are some rules and requirements for their acquisition.Buy food in specialized stores, while in the cage with hamsters should not contain a large number of animals.Overcrowding content reduces the immune status of hamsters, which leads to disease.Ask the seller where they acquire hamsters for sale.In a good case, it should be a single supplier, which has been breeding the animals.
avoid parasitic infestations, all hamsters need to degelmintizirovat 2-3 times a year with special drugs that can be bought in veterinary pharmacy.
No need to feed the animals of poor quality or old feed, it can lead to poisoning or death of the animal.Clean the cage and the bird feeder from the remnants of food you need every day, as uneaten food are a good breeding ground for bacteria.