guinea pig is better to buy at the age of 6-8 weeks.They live in large families and alone bored, so it is best to buy two pigs: two females and a male and female.Two males in the same cage do not get along.Eyes healthy pigs must be clear, the nose is clean and dry, smooth hair without bald spots.
While the pig is called a sea, wash it only when very dirty.Occasionally it is necessary to comb the fur with a soft brush.Care should be taken claws guinea pig and cut them in time.This can be done using kogterezki, include the pig to the veterinarian.
cage for guinea pigs should be sized so that it is free to run.They are very fond of the movement.You can put in a cell tube, hang a hammock, make a shelf.Be sure to have to hang water bottle with pure water.Guinea pigs quickly learn to drink from a variety of drinkers.In the middle of the cell well to put the hay in which pigs love to dig.Instead, the cells can also be used terrarium.
At the bottom of the cells necessary to pour the litter.If this is used as a dust, they must not be too small.Fine sawdust pigs fall into the eyes and cause inflammation.Litter changing about once every five to seven days, more often if necessary.Pallet cells should be washed with a disinfectant as often as once a month.
cage can not be placed in a draft or close to a heat source.Mumps may overheat or catch a cold.It is also necessary to exclude contact with sick people.
basic diet of guinea pig - hay.It should be up to half of the total feed.Vegetables, fruits and herbs should occupy about one-fifth part of the diet.You also need a special dry food for guinea pigs.
Clean water, hay and dry food should always be freely available to the animal.Fresh vegetables and fruits should be given two or three times a day.Fasting for pigs is strictly forbidden.Even a sick pig should be fed small portions.A guinea pig can die from starvation in just two days.
By the nature of guinea pigs are very friendly and sociable.They are only timidly in an unfamiliar environment.Accustomed to the owners, they can easily go into his arms and sympathetic to caress.It is only necessary to remember that guinea pigs - rodents.It is necessary to exclude the possibility of cutting the electric wires and damage furniture.Guinea pig gets along well with children.With proper care and attention, it will be a good friend and affectionate to their owners.