• choosing a cage for the animal, it must be remembered that the concept of "rodent" speaks for itself.In animals, sharp teeth, they constantly grind, so a cell with a wooden frame is not suitable for them - the rodents quickly lead her into disrepair.
  • House for the animal to be spacious and clean, it is best to place it in a well-lit part of the room.The cells were easy to clean, it is necessary to install a metal or plastic tray that can easily reach and clean.
  • feeders and waterers are selected based on the size of the animal.Animal sometimes requires privacy, so well in the cell to build a small house - mink, which creature can get, if desired.
  • in pet stores have a variety of special feed for rodents, a consultant will help you choose the most suitable.Additionally, you can feed the rodents with apples, carrots, pears, beets.
  • small bowl of dry sand is needed in the cell to self-rodent could clear coat.Change the dust should be not less than once in two days, the water in the drinkers should always be fresh.
  • order to muscle atrophy, be sure to let the animals to walk around the room.Monitor the animals is imperative that they are not spoiled furniture and wiring.
  • nervous system in rodents weak, they can not stand loud noises - noise, shouting, banging, so it is necessary to avoid a similar situation in the house.

Rodents are very attached to people.Left alone for a long time, they are very bored and waiting for a meeting with the hosts.In turn, interaction with these pets brings positive emotions for both children and adults.