Do not be afraid to keep the animal in the house, even if you should soon have a baby.After all, any animal with proper approach can bring much more benefit for the baby than harm.If the child appears in a house that already has a pet, his immune system gets used to the substances secreted by hair, learning to deal with them.Such a child never be allergic to the animal coat.That is a cat or a dog to help your child cope with the disease and to acquire the desired antibodies already in infancy.And besides, the animals - these are the best friends of children, because kids love them.It pets teach a child to take care of the one who is less than them, love nature, care for pets.
If you already have an animal, do not give it before delivery.Better to acquaint him with the kid, learn how to properly handle it.Let the animal get used to and understand that it can be in a relationship with the baby's and don'ts.Do not let the baby too close contact with the pet, especially at first.You can not have a cat climbed to the baby in the crib, and the dog licked it.It is dangerous for the baby's health.Similarly, the need to ensure that no child is grown up hurt an animal, or it may respond.Do not let your child carry your pet for fur or a tail, beat his toys.This, of course, involves much more attention as a child and the animal, but the love for him still more important than the perceived difficulties.
It is best to start the animal that you want and who knows how to look after - a dog, a cat, a parrot, a rodent.After all, baby care will require all your attention on the animal will be very little time.You should not start at the same time with the child, for example, a puppy or a kitten.You yourself will not be happy if have to constantly clean up after a small pet, train it, accustomed to the toilet, feed on the clock, actively playing with it, trying to tire fidget.Do not let the fact that you have another little child, you will be enough of their own.So it is necessary to consider this question in advance: either take a small animal long before the birth, so that it has had time to mature by the time the child into the world, or take your pet is already an adult.
to communicate with their children, many parents choose a very quiet and calm animals: turtles, fish.But with them, there are certain disadvantages.They do not disturb the child's barking or scratching him, but the kid can break tank itself or cause harm to the animal.Therefore, it is important that the parents were permanent intermediary in communication of the animal and the child.But the joy of communicating this baby and your pet will not replace any toys.
important to remember that animals have to be vaccinated.Even so better start this pet care about which you know as much as possible.His contact with the baby is inevitable, so it protect itself animal and the child from the possible occurrence of diseases.Also, keep track of the state of the animal: it cut the time, comb hair, nails cut, oral care, the withdrawal of worms.