Place the hamster cage nearby, cover with thick cloth and constantly talk to the beast quiet, calm voice.Darkness prevent him to navigate in space, relying on sight, so he will listen carefully to the environment and sniff.Being deprived of the usual stimulants and irritants animal will actively respond to the fact that it only is available - your voice.
when you realize that the hamster used to the voice and trusted him, try to treat him any delicacy (a slice of apple, pear, walnut and so on. D.) Hamster needs a house, where he could take refugeif frightened.You can make yourself a house from a cardboard box or a flowerpot.For animal importantly - a hidden from prying eyes closed space.Otherwise, he may die from stress.
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a couple of days to replace the dense fabric light, translucent, light-transmissive.The next few days keep talking with the pet.This time, he will see the shape of a hand holding out a treat.
Why hamsters bite
Five days later, remove the tissue cells.Let the animal sees you in the daylight.If he suddenly scared and hide, leave the room for a while to allow it to settle.Then reappeared in his field of vision.
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rodent Provide an opportunity to explore the lighted homes.It may take one to four days.Once you realize that he made himself a little, open the cage and try to take it.To do this, place your hand on the bottom of the cage with his hand up, do not make any sudden movements.Of course, the rodent will not immediately get on hand.For some time it will be shunned, as if frightened may even bite.But such aggressive behavior is rare.For greater efficiency can put into the hands of some snacks - raisins, dried apricots, apple or nut.At first the animal will get used to the immediate vicinity of the hand.Realizing that it is possible to make money, be sure to seize the chance.The first few times hamster will dramatically snatch the treat and run for cover.Over time, he understands that there is no danger and learn to trust you.A couple of weeks alone animal will be happy to climb on palm.
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first taking hamster on hand, do not raise it too high above the floor level.Otherwise, the animal can be frightened and begins to struggle desperately.Falling from a height often results in serious injury.