total there are several types of breeds of domestic ducks that have been created by natural selection.This meat, and egg-laying breed obschepolzovatelskie.In the garden plots are usually involved in breeding birds of the first two types.Around the world there are many species of ducks.Among them are the old types, which have been known for a long time.And there are young, recently introduced species.But in Russia the most common are: Peking duck, Muscovy duck, and mulard.

Peking duck

Ducks, who were bred in China more than three hundred years ago, considered a very common type of meat.Peking Duck has a wide and slightly elongated body, convex chest, significantly raised tail.But the wings of this breed fit snugly to the body.Peking duck boasts an interesting white plumage with a cream shade.The tabs at the same time have an orange-red color.Drakes live weight of this breed is usually 4 kg.Females weighed 500 grams less.By the way, seven weeks after the birth of the Peking breed ducklings reach 3-pound weight.

Muscovy duck

This breed belongs to myasoyaichnomu type.It was first brought to Latin America.Ducks this breed perfectly accustomed to the Russian territory.In appearance they differ from members of other types of elongated body and long, strong wings.At the head of musk ducks are a large number of red-pinkish warts.

Colourful plumage musk ducks includes practically all colors, from white to black, with a lot of shades.Drakes this breed usually weigh 5 kg.A duck weight does not exceed 2.5 kg.At musk duck very tasty and tender meat.By the way, in Russia this breed was imported from Germany in the 80s of the last century.

Duck mulard

As for ducks mulard, this breed was bred by crossing Peking and musk duck in France.It can be attributed to the type of meat.By the way, the ducks breed mulard perfect for dilution in household farms.They are distinguished by rapid weight gain.Approximately 3 months fattening weight drake can reach 4 kg.In the future it may increase up to 7 kg.In fact, mulard we combined the best qualities of musk, and Peking duck house.At the same feeding as that of the abovementioned breeds from mulard you can get a lot more meat.