polecat-mink hybrid - unusual animal

interesting name "polecat-mink hybrid" extracted in 1978, the animal can be easily explained.Introduced by a ferret and a female of European mink animal bought from relatives and the name of the character traits, resulting from the merger of the two names.In polecat-mink hybrid, there is another name, borrowed in Poland - "ferret".

Externally polecat-mink hybrid like a mink, but larger ears with a light color on the edges inherited from animal ferret.Ferret are colorful: gold, white, chocolate and silver.The white spot on the forehead polecat-mink hybrid lets call it "badger", dark legs, tail and mask - "Siamese", and completely white head - "panda".An exotic animal with clean shining eyes has a soft shiny coat.

behavior and temper polecat-mink hybrid

polecat-mink hybrid from the mother mink got the ability to swim and intensive digging holes - inherited from the ferret.Inquisitiveness polecat-mink hybrid there is no limit, he may declare anywhere.Therefore, owners need to be careful not to accidentally harm a pet.

it sets out the laundry, check that there is not sleeping in the drum of the washing machine polecat-mink hybrid.Tightly close the door to the bathroom and toilet: cases indicate deaths of animals in the toilet and the bathtub filled with water.Look carefully at his feet and inspect the place where going to sit: polecat-mink hybrid may be in lying on the chair clothes.If your pet is lost, look for it in the gaps between the walls and furniture, the sofa in the boxes.Polecat-mink hybrid capable of even screwed into rolls of toilet paper.Annoying the animal can live up to 12 years at close to it with respect and proper care.

Ferret needs serious care, special accommodation, certain foods and delicate handling.Polecat-mink hybrid - small predators.Feed pets need meat, cereals, fruit and vegetables from the diet smoked categorically excluded.

polecat-mink hybrid exhibit aggressive-minded, tamed with difficulty.Deciding to have a home of this animal, a female first purchase.Girls habits resemble cats, more flexible, accustomed to humans much faster.Good to learn the habits of an unusual pet, you can buy restive polecat-mink hybrid-boy.

hybrid breeding mink and ferret

In the wild polecat-mink hybrid almost never occur.In the eighties of the last century led to the complexity undertaken by the mass breeding of animals on fur farms.First, procreation polecat-mink hybrid is quite a complex process, the males do not have the ability to produce offspring.Secondly, the number of individuals of European mink is constantly decreasing.

Now polecat-mink hybrid breeding, primarily due to the scientific purposes.In some cities, for it created the experimental biological center.There are breeders who breed these animals distant generations.

is booming Soviet biological science led special animal hybrid.Fur polecat-mink hybrid, characterized by high quality, celebrated medal at the exhibition of furs in the capital.The media paid much attention to the descendants appeared in captivity for a long time known mink and ferret.