Huskies - proportioned dog of medium size, fast, and easy movements.Skull of medium size, slightly rounded.Transition from forehead to muzzle expressed clearly.
color of the nose depends on the color of the hair.If the color gray, red or black nose is black.If the color of copper - nose will have a brown color.
If the color white, nose will body.Often bright and nose with pink streaks, called snow.
husky muzzle tapering towards the nose, it is not pointed at the end.Bridge of nose straight.
Fabric lip contains a sufficient amount of pigment, usually scissor bite.
eyes are almond-shaped, they are situated somewhat obliquely, and not very far from each other.Eye color may be brown or blue.Looking attentive and friendly, sometimes naughty.
Auricles medium size, triangular in shape.Located in the vertical plane, placed close.On the outside there is a small bulge, and the tips are rounded.
neck is of medium length, curved.The back is straight, not too stocky.The loin is narrower than the thorax.
Dogs of this breed have croup, deep and strong chest.Fox tail type with abundant trimmed.Forelegs straight and parallel.
The blade tilted back, shoulder and leans back and never perpendicular to the ground.Very powerful muscles of the shoulder girdle.
Husky breed dogs are very strong, but at the same time, the plastic joints.Hind legs and straight, moderately spaced.Typical muscled thighs, well-defined knees and hocks.
Lapa oval, but not extended.Between the fingers has a thick edge, pads thick and elastic.
Coat over the body a thick, medium length.The undercoat is soft and abundant, straight guard hairs and also non-rigid.During molting Huskies may be missing undercoat.
Huskies Color can vary from black to white and allows the presence of a variety of patterns.These drawings are unique, they are not found in other breeds.
Adult males reach a height of 60 cm, adult females - 56 cm. Weight males can range from 20 to 28 kg, females - from 15 to 23 kg.Weight Huskies always proportional growth for this breed is not normal to have overweight or excessively bony.