Previously, people had no choice but to feed the cats natural food.Hardly any animal abandon portions of meat, fish or milk plates.Now, however, most vets claim that milk can cause a cat or cats indigestion, and trigger fish urolithiasis (especially if your pet is neutered or sterilized).Natural food rich in nutrients and vitamins, but not everyone twice a day will cook his favorite goodies.Firstly, it is often not enough time, and secondly, there is no guarantee that you will be able to create the optimal diet for cats.The solution are ready to feed.
how to feed the cat
Good food for cats must contain:
- multiple protein components (meat, poultry, fish);
- taurine (an amino acid that maintains the health of the heart, urogenital system and other organ systems);
- vitamins and minerals;
- enzymes and fatty acids.
What to feed the cat
single opinion about what kind of food for cats is the best, does not exist.It is important that the animal receives all the necessary material to be healthy and active.Canned cat food is stored for a long time and really like cats.Wet food help to maintain the water balance, especially if the animal is drinking enough.Remember that an open jar of canned food can be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than a day.
contain cat
Wet cat food - it is pieces of meat in jelly, sauce or broth.Humidity of about 35-45 per cent of the feed.One serving of the food (a bag) is designed for one feeding.If your cat does not eat much, lay only half, and the second part put in the fridge and let the animal in 3-4 hours.Half-eaten food in a bowl loses nutritional value and perishable.
how to keep the British lop-eared kitten
Dry cat food cats require regular access to clean water.Next to the food bowl is required to place the bowl with water.In cold weather, wash the bowl, and you need to change the water twice a day, a warm - 4-5 times a day.Dry clean the teeth of the animal feed of the raid, which also is their unquestionable advantage.The cat cracker is not spoiled: daily amount you can pour into a bowl in the morning, and your pet will eat itself when it is necessary.The bulk of the food is better not to be stored in their original packaging (unless it is tightly closed), and pour into a jar or container, cover and put in a dark place, for example, in the closet.
Translate cat with a dry food to a normal diet
All cat foods are divided into several classes.Most often in pet stores and supermarkets across the eye cost of feed.This economy class food is cheap, easy to learn due to the huge amount of advertising on the Internet and on television.You can use it only in one case - if you would like to make the animal did not die of hunger.Such feed is low nutritional value, there is a part of the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, macro- and microelements.By the way, the inscription on the packaging - just a publicity stunt, but the information is often not the case.Feed economy class made from low-quality raw materials, including vegetable proteins (soya).The most common feeds are cheaper Kitekat, Whiskas, Darling.Regular feeding them inevitably leads to urolithiasis cats and cats, reduces their life of 5 years or more.
little more "savings" are feed grade "medium."They are a little better, but still not able to give the cat everything you need for a fulfilling life.In the medium-feed have animal protein (in very small quantities) obtained from waste products.This type of feed is usually represented by several rulers: for older cats, for sterilized cats, kittens, for pregnant and nursing cats.The feed grade "medium", as in "savings" occur preservatives, flavorings, colorings.
If you care about the health of your pet, have to buy feed premium and super-premium.They are made from high-quality materials, are substantially free of cereals and vegetable proteins, preservatives and flavorings.Premium high-grade feed from the standpoint of nutrients, and therefore they must be significantly less than the feed-class "economy" or "medium."In Russia and the CIS countries the most popular premium pet food is Purina Pro Plan, Acana, Royal Canin, Bosch, Hill's.