Breeding work on Shar-Pei, is likely to start more than 3 thousand years ago, which is confirmed by genetic analysis.They were bred in China, and are relatives of the Chow and ancient mastiffs.Based on the anatomy of physique: strong body and a well-developed jaws, short hair and folded skin, which can bite, but does not injure the body, Sharpe originally intended for fighting.But gradually, fighting breeds of dogs, they were transformed into hunters and guards where their natural qualities also become very popular.These strong and intelligent dogs that can not bark, it can handle large prey and defend the master's property from intruders.
Apparently, Sharpe is quite aware of its uniqueness and exclusivity, because even in the breed standard noted that they look regal, dark and arrogant.Muzzle, thanks to the folds of the skin like the face of an old man.The chest volume, powerful front legs slightly apart, back - straight, thick, well muscled.Straight back without sagging ends hard and thin tail, he placed high and wrapped in a loop.If you touch the plush coat shar pei, it is quite hard and even slightly prickly.
As to the nature of this dog, it corresponds to a little menacing and gloomy mind which distinguishes the Shar-Pei.In fact, Sharpe is very friendly, although wary of strangers.It is rather a companion dog than a guard.Restrained in communication Pei is always kept with the dignity of the aristocrat, he is laconic and barks, but rather purrs.It is difficult to imagine a situation where the dog comes out of himself, or throw himself on the person, although it is fairly defiant tribesmen behaved, and never confuse the difference in size.He will not seek closer contact with the owner, but will always be near.
Sharpe sufficiently independent in behavior and are able to make their own decisions, but that does not mean that they are not controlled.His excellent qualities inherent in the formation of the breed, should be developed.It is perfectly amenable to training and having fun performing teams, seeing them not as a compulsion but as an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding with the host.This dog is feeling well in a city apartment and a private home, likes to spend time on the street, but the value and comfort of home.